About Me

For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world,

that I should bear witness to the truth…

I like to think of myself as an idrealist – that is, an idealistic realist (or a realistic idealist; I can’t really decide.) I am a very cynical, very idealistic person. I seek ways to reconcile the fundamental goodness of existence with all the brokenness and evil now found in the world, to see the beauty in things without denying the ugliness around me. In Christianity, I have found not only a system which is both beautiful and logical, but also a relationship that gives my life meaning and a larger purpose. Truth in all its forms is the great love of my life, and it saddens me when people reject what I find to be wondrous because of misconceptions and mistakes. I have created this site to rectify, if I can, a few of those misconceptions.

But who am I actually? I was born and raised in Texas as a Southern Baptist. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, studying Philosophy and Middle Eastern Studies. I’m also working on my Master’s in Theology with the Spanish program at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and over my undergraduate career I’ve been privileged to take classes at MIT, Cambridge University in England, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an affiliate of the Qasid Institute in Jordan, and others. I am an Ensign in the US Navy* serving as a Surface Warfare Officer (Nuclear). I enjoy everything from philosophy to physics and from a cappella to kickboxing. I’m addicted to foreign language and travel, but I’m also very fond of staying home in my own space, and I drink an inordinate amount of hot tea.

*I should add a disclaimer here. Nothing I say should be attributed to the Navy or to me as a Naval Officer. This is just me speaking as me; I do not here represent the Navy, the United States government at large, or etc. This holds for all my writings.

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